Guide to Living on Guam: Cost of Moving In

Guide to Living in Guam: Cost of Moving In

Guam is an interesting place to live in. While you may have read or heard something about this small US territory, you may also want to get an idea about what is it like to live in it and how much is the cost of moving in to a rental house or apartment on Guam.

Moving in to a rental house or apartment in Guam may sound convenient, but definitely does not come cheap, especially if you choose to move in to a relatively large unit with multiple rooms and complete furnishings.  To begin with, you have to pay a security deposit to your landlord that is equal to one month’s rent, plus the pro-rated rent fee for the month you move in.

In addition to this, you would have to hand in a “pet deposit” if you will be bringing in a cat or a dog to your rental home. This usually costs between $ 200 and $ 400. Note, however, that both the security deposit and pet deposit are refundable provided that there are no  damages in the property.

You would have to pay another deposit for your unit’s power and water. Since most houses and apartment units in Guam will require you to transfer these services under your name from the previous tenant, you will then have to personally go to the respective utility offices to pay the required deposit fees.

In computing for the power deposit, you have to identify the number of rooms your unit has. A two-bedroom house, for example, will require a $300 deposit, while a three-bedroom unit requires $400 deposit. In other words, the more rooms you have, the more expensive you have to pay. A USD 20 processing fee shall also be collected from you.

On the other hand, water charges USD 52 for the transfer and deposit. Like the other deposits discussed above, these deposits are again refundable. Meanwhile, there is no deposit required to apply for trash service.

Other expenses that you may want to consider and plan when moving-in to a rental house or apartment are internet and cable subscriptions. Fees for these, however, will depend on the plan you choose, and shall also be collected on a monthly basis. Most cable companies will give you a free modem depending on the plan you choose.

Therefore, before finally deciding to rent a house or apartment in Guam, make sure that you are ready for all these expenses. Choosing a big, comfortable property to rent is one thing, but paying the expenses tied to it is a totally different matter.


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