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Rental Application

Rental Guide on Guam: Examining Your Contract part 2

Let me share to everyone the important  provisions I use in my rental contracts. 1. This offer is subject to the approval of the military housing authorities:  This means that even if you sign the offer and the housing office does not approve the contract or your OHA, then the contract is void. 2. Uniformed… read more »


Rental Guide on Guam: Examining Your Contract

Once you sign a lease offer, it is legally binding so it is important that you understand all the terms and condition on the contract.  All Realtors on Guam use the standard Lease Agreement for almost all rentals. There are just some exceptions when landlord writes up their own lease. BEFORE SIGNING, make sure you… read more »

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Snakes on Guam

You got your orders and you are coming to Guam. First thing you do is search on the internet about Guam. Then you see an article about “SNAKES” and start to freak out. We have received emails and phone calls concerning snakes on Guam. It is true that brown tree snakes have been a problem… read more »

Light Bulbs

Generators in Guam Rental Homes

Are generators available in rental homes on Guam? Very rare you will find a rental  house with a generator. Most rental homes with generators are houses where the owners lived in. If you find a house that was built as a rental investment, then they usually do not come with generators. I am always asked… read more »


Moving to Guam? What you need to bring

Guam is a tropical island. The beach will always be 15-20 minutes away. You need a lot of summer clothes, flip flops and a cool pair of sunglasses. This is what you will be wearing whenever you are not working.  Do not forget to buy a nice pair of bikini and the highest SPF sun… read more »

Condo Living on Guam

PROS of Condo Living : Condo living is synonymous with easy living that is why many prefer to rent a Condo on Guam. MAINTENANCE FREE means no yard to maintain, no grass to cut. All condominium buildings are run by the home owner’s association who takes care of the building maintenance.  They maintain the grounds… read more »

Fast shipment

Guam Animal Quarantine

4 days straight and I have been getting calls inquiring regarding  Guam Animal Quarantine procedure. So I went to ANDERSEN QUARANTINE FACILITY yesterday and learned that the best way get your pet ready for the move is to get in touch with MS. CHUMPORN VELTE – General Manager ( at the Andersen Base Quarantine Facility and she will make the… read more »

Dogs on a holiday

Shipping Pets to Guam

Shipping Pets to Guam If you are relocating to Guam and you have a pet to go with you, shipping your pet requires detailed planning and careful consideration. You have to make sure that your pet receives proper handling while travelling to Guam. Here are the things you need to know when shipping your pet… read more »

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Guide to Living on Guam: Mail Delivery

News for the week: US Postal Office inside the base is shutting down boxes whose owners currently live in an area where the local post office is delivering mail. This means that if you have post office box on base and currently living off base where mail delivery is available, you have no choice but… read more »


When we first moved to Guam we moved into a place that we thought would be perfect. Our realtor at the time, really “sold” us on the place and talked us into something that didn’t meet any of our requirements or checklist. But we trusted the realtor and went with it, always trying to look at the bright side. We ended up hating the place and needed out of our lease (it didn’t work well for our family at all).
We contacted Jenny because she was the listing agent of our place, she did what she could to help us get out of our lease and did all of the communication with our previous owner. She was able to find a new tenant for our place as well as find us the perfect home that met every necessary requirement for our family. Jenny was/has been amazing. She always kept open communication as well worked to get our rent to a range in our budget (it was listed over what we were comfortable with), she was also able to get a few extra things added to make the home more suitable for us. She even took care of all of the housing paperwork, which was one less thing we had to worry about. If we ever have any questions or concerns that we don’t feel comfortable talking to our new owner about, we can contact her and she will take care of it. She is always patient and understanding and provides amazing customer service, even my 1 year old goes to her with open arms. I highly recommend Guam Island Rentals and Jenny Howard

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